Post no.15* Portrait of Joakim

15x11 in.
charcoal and pencil on paper
2011 stephen bauman

*What can I say about Joakim Ericsson... He is a human being of the absolutely highest quality. I was terrified of him when I started at the Florence Academy of Art. He was explicit during critiques... I thought he didn't like me, like really didn't like me. I will not relate any particular stories here but suffice to say I had what I considered to be very good reasons.

All of this to say, I didn't know him AT ALL. When Cornelia and I moved to Sweden to teach in the Mölndal branch of the F.A.A. I finally spent some time with him one on one. We talked, drank beers, played a game or two of Axis and Allies, and I came to find out that I had been as wrong about him as I have ever been about a person, ever. So, Joakim Ericsson, one hell of a nice guy.


  1. Spooky! It's him alright. Amazing portrait :)/Anna

  2. well, to be fair, you can be quite frightening too, mr Bauman ;) but you always backed it up with insight and knowledge, so hats off to you.

    hope Sweden is treating you well. all the best,